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The Basic Skills Test

Literacy, numeracy and IT skills are vital in the modern workplace but are often overlooked by recruiters. That’s why we assess all of our candidates using the Basic Skills Test.

The Basic Skills Test is a literacy, numeracy and IT assessment that measures a candidate’s ability against current GCSE standards. The test assesses a candidate’s ability to use these skills in practical areas such as writing an email, using a spreadsheet and spelling.

BST is an additional level of screening that ensures the quality of our candidates and is offered at no additional cost. Copies of assessments results are provided with the candidate's CV.


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“Within the selection process, we incorporated the ‘Basic Skills Test’ which helped us establish applicants skill levels in Math’s, English and IT. The tests meant we were able to get an accurate view relating to applicants levels of proficiency in these key areas. The outcome was a far more efficient and predictable selection process saving us valuable time and resources. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend using FFP for any future recruitment needs.”

- Andrew Adkins, The Education Company